Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Digital Studio.....

Oh me oh my! What fun am I having! I just barely got this new digital papercrafting program from Stampin' Up! (available to customers October 1st) and without any training I have already made up several digital scrapbook layouts. The first one I did in a 12X12 format... and is a quick layout using only a couple elements including DSP, a couple 'stamps' and some journalling. It was quick and easy and if I could get my ancient wide format printer to 'talk' to MDS, I would be even be happier. Still working on that. It's so easy to take an element and adjust it to the size, color, shape that will work for your own layout. this one is pretty basic but definately gets the point across.

The next layout I worked on is in the 5X5 format. In MDS, there are several sizes you can work with, and a variety of options on how to fill them from a blank, to a 'sketch' to already made pages where you just have to fill in the photos. The thing I like about the 5X5 size, is that I can print them on my regular home printer and then mat them up to 6X6 to fit in my Stampin' Up! albums.

The twins started Kindergarten this year and their teacher suggested they bring photos of favorite things etc instead of their toys and other things that could get lost. So of course being a paper crafter I had to take that one or two steps more and I made up 5X5 digital layouts. We spent the weekend camping and so I made a double layout that I can add to our scrapbook in a year album and each boy is going to take one side of the layout. Lots of pictures, some journalling. Everything I want in a layout... mounted up to 6X6 and in a page protector for them to take for show and tell. All about time management eh... Got this weekends layout accomplished and boys get something for show and tell. :) And using MDS, I made it in less than half an hour! Once I get more knowledge about the program I'm sure I will be even faster too. What a quick and easy way to get scrapbooking again!

I'm really getting excited about this program and I've barely even scratched the surface of what it can do. Calenders, greeting cards, and even electronic albums are just some of the other options. As a demo I will be taking an online course on the My Digital Studio so that I can help others have as much fun as I am.

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