Friday, January 2, 2009

Remake to be current

As much as i love Buckaroo Blue.. it is no longer available to purchase so for my club I remade the card using Baja Breeze. I was quite surprised that it is just as pretty although I had to change the blurb into chocolate chip as it was too light and not visible within the card colors. Should of used the SAMJ as well to position the blurb better. I really do like this card as its quick, easy on the hands (read no cutting or blade work which I and quick pretty.

BTW, this blogging I can see can be very addicting. However it is forcing me to not only be productive in my craft room, but take pictures of things I make before I give them away. One of my goals is to take a picture of every card I give, and in the 'notes' section of the properties to write in there who I have given the card to so that I don't duplicate give. Something about a handmade card that says you should only give a specific card to a person once right? :D


  1. OHHH I Love your Blog's new "dress" and I love that card I love it.. makes me want get that set and get my card on! lol...



  2. Hi Krista - LOVE the look of your blog! And that card, Oh My! Being able to pull all those sets together. It's beautiful!
    (aka stampin8mom)

  3. Dude, this card rocks. Welcome to Blogdom a.k.a. Crack City. It's addictive for people like me who crave feedback on my art...sad. LOL! I'll be back to stalk you fo' sho'.


  4. Just check'in your blog! Love the colors and the background. Looks great. Also love this card. Beautimous!