Friday, February 13, 2009

Secret Cupid Day 1 and 2!

I belong to a group of SU demos who at Christmas got together and did 12 days of Secret Elves. It looked like so much fun and incredible talent coming from this group that when they announced a Secret Cupid for 3 days, I was on it! I will post my projects that I made tomorrow after she opens the last one, but I must say, she seems to be enjoying my gifts a lot.

And I am loving the gifts I am receiving! Here is what my package looks like after I opened the box. They each have a heart shaped tag with the Day 1, 2 and 3 on them so that I know which to open. All are wrapped in beautiful Valentines themed towels as well:) It had arrived a couple of days early and was so hard to actually wait to open it. But the kids and I are both having a lot of fun and not only do I get the surprise of opening, but it sure fun to share it with both my boys and the ladies in my group.

Day one we got to open yesterday, February 12th. The boys and I were so excited and it was a great way to get them dressed and fed with minimal I opened it to find a darling scallop envie box which is made with 2 envies and a strip of paper joining them. Inside is this darling clear heart filled with sweet smelling bath heart flakes. Going to be so nice to soak in the tub with these floating about. Maybe even tomorrow night

Day 2 was to be opened this morning and in it I found a project that I've been meaning to do myself and just haven't got around to. It's a chipboard coaster wall hanging made with chipboard letters and a heart spellign the word LOVE. LOVE it! And its with one of my fav DSP Bella Rose too! Here is a picture of Ethan (who actually has a heart stamped on his chest over his heart from when he was making Valentines cards yesterday... ) holding it up for me.

Tomorrow is Day 3 and our reveal date :) Can't wait!


  1. Fun stuff! And what a handsome helper! LOL!

  2. Fantastic stuff, and your little guy is just too cute for words

  3. What great gifts and a handsome model too!!!