Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 3 and the reveal!

I was spoiled by my secret sister Brandi! Thank-you so very much Brandi!!!!!!! LOVE everything! And holy cow you spoiled me big time and got me things I probably never would of bought but can't wait to try! Todays present was a very cool card with a reflection technique (which one did you do?) and how did you do the color wash? ) With a very nice long note which I appreciate from the bottom of my heart.

She also made a darling chipboard coaster calender tied together with a ring that is vanilla colored (did it come that way or did you paint it?) Of course all the months are in French which is oh so cool! I really need to practice up on my French skills before August And finally a nifty box filled with 4 cards. Love that background stamp... what one is it? and the boots keep calling my name too! Love what you do with them. The envies are Open end envies are they? WE must only carry them in white now... oh so cute!!!! Love how the lid drops down on the box.

Sure do appreciate our friendship and can't wait to give you a huge hug in August!

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